Welcome to LloydMuller.com!  This website offers information about me, my writing and a chance to correspond via blog, e-mail and Facebook.  As such, it can become yours to use as well as for me.  There are links to each of these features here.

As you stay with me, I will releasing previews of current and upcoming novels.  Three books are already included in the Publications tab for you to review.  They are: Family Tales,  Letters and Old Ghosts and Section 5.   Also, a new book is the hopper which should be ready for release in October, 2014.   Its name is I, Judas IscariotFor thoughts about whatever is on my mind, visit my Blog.  Then, from there, go to Amazon.com and order a copy of any book that catches your fancy.  They are available in both paperback and Kindle.  You’ll like them.